8 Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Men

8 Funny, Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Men

Naughty Ugly Christmas Sweaters Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas Ugly Christmas sweater ideas for Men

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas That Show You The Man

An invitation to an ugly Christmas sweater party is definitely one to look forward to. We put together these 8 Funny, Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Men to save you from crawling the malls looking for the sweater that would make you the talk of the party and afterward. The more ridiculous and hilarious the sweater is, the better the chances of it snagging the top honors.

These are not for every occasion. If you are going as a couple, then check out our Best Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas. If you are attending an office party then read up on our 10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Can’t Wear to The Office.

National Ugly Sweater Day is Friday December 21st

Did you know that there is actually a National Ugly Sweater Day? This makes the money you spent buying the sweater double its value. You can wear it during your office Christmas Party or any holiday get together.

Then wear it again on the third Friday of every December – the day known as National Ugly Sweater Day. This year that is December 21st so order ahead of time. To help you with it, here are some superbly funny ugly Christmas sweater ideas for men!

1. Tipsy Elves Men’s Santa Pooping Sweater

Let’s see how your tummy handles millions of glasses of milk with cookies. Santa’s job is very demanding and just like everyone else, he needs to get some breaks too, so to speak.

So, here is Santa, caught in the act while answering the call of mother nature in this Tipsy Elves Men’s Santa Pooping Sweater. You’re sure to get a laugh when you enter the room wearing this gem.

The newspaper he reads is so appropriate as even Santa needs to keep up with current events. But the atmosphere still is as solemn, what with those snowflakes and no mouse stirring either.

This one is available up to XXL and is 100% Acrylic, machine washable and should never fade.

Tipsy Elves Men's Santa Pooping Sweater
Santa is Pooping Down Your Chimney Because He Saw What You Did.

2. Blizzard Bay Men’s Spit Roast Reindeer Sweater

Looks like Santa has crashed and has resorted to roasting reindeer to survive. Did all the reindeer forget how to fly? Does the sled just not work? Did kids drain the Christmas Magic by no longer believing? We may never know if the search party doesn’t find him. Like an arctic Castaway, Santa Clause knows he has to do what it takes to get home again.

This Blizzard Bay Men’s Spit Roast Reindeer Sweater shows what needs to be done. We don’t see the other seven so it looks like Santa has chosen to stay plump and jolly over saving a few reindeer. Tonight, Vixen drew the short stick and now she’s dinner. This funny sweater will definitely be a conversation starter!

Blizzard Bay Men's Spit Roast Reindeer Sweater Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Men
Fun Fact: Reindeer tastes like chicken

3. TStars Big Trex Santa Sweater

RAWR…give me a hug. Poor T. Rex just wants holiday hugs to all the good girls and boys. If you’re looking at cute and funny ugly Christmas sweater ideas for men, then here’s one for you!

Is it TREX, T. Rex or T-Rex? That’s as debatable as if this little guy was cold blooded or not. Winter isn’t a good time for Trex. There is barely any food to hunt. So Trex cruises ugly Christmas sweater parties for snacks and eggnog.

Fortunately, Santa passed by and got caught by the dinosaur’s short limbs. Now this happy dinosaur on the Big Trex Santa Sweater feels full and has a warm hat  to boot.

TStars Big Trex Santa Sweater Give me hugs
My arms are little but my love is big

4. Santa Gains Blizzard Bay Sweater

Do you even lift, bro? Years ago Santa cut out sugar, started intermittent fasting and learned to deadlift. CrossFit Santa never misses WOD and AMRAP everty time.

Mrs. Claus likes to do her laundry on those washboard abs and the 8-pack Santa is sporting shows this Santa is busting some personal bests.

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or not, this Santa Gains, Blizzard Bay Men’s Sweater, you will appreciate the six-pack Santa. This old man sure exercises a lot! I guess he needs those muscles to carry the bags of toys on Christmas Eve, drive around the world, go down the chimney, and up again.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Men Santa Gains Blizzard Bay Sweater
Leave Santa a whey protein shake. He’s dairy free now.

5. Santa’s Flying Unicorn

Santa Flying a Unicorn in space with a sword epic
Light Speed Aasifa!

If you had all the Christmas Magic at your fingertips then you may choose an epic unicorn flight too. Is Santa flying off into space? Maybe he delivers gifts for good aliens. What could be more perfect than riding a unicorn? A Pegasus with wings? Well reindeer can fly without wings. Don’t overthink it.

This year, Santa is Flying a Unicorn Sweater is another incredible find for quirky and funny, ugly Christmas ideas for men. At least the unicorn followed the Christmas colors, right? Also, Santa looks like he’s having a lot of fun. Maybe the old man just had one drink too many he thinks he is in outer space.

6. Jawlly Christmas Sweater

Nothing says Christmas like debating Sharknado vs. Jaws over some French Dip. This Jawlly Christmas Sweater is perfect for all the movie fans or shark lovers out there.

So, you may wonder why they would place a shark on a red sweater, right? Anyone who looks at this sweater could almost smell blood. The good news is that the colors still carry the holiday spirit, white, blue and bloody red.

Finally, any week is Shark Week if you are dedicated enough.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Men Jawlly Christmas Sweater with shark wearing a Santa hat
We are going to need a bigger sleigh

7. Bare Chested Burly Bear

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Men Bare Chested Hairy Dude
Come sit on Daddy’s lap!

This Bear chested or Bare chested? This dude has it all. Holiday ink, piercings and enough burly Christmas chest hair to bring all the boys to the yard. So, this needs a second or third glance for you to see the hidden surprise. It would be quite amusing to keep people guessing about what this sweater is all about.

In any case, it has all the essential elements – Christmas balls, reindeer, a stocking, a candy cane, Christmas lights, and even a Christmas tree. This sweater has a little bit of everything and yet still looks bare… if you know what I mean.

8. Epic Cat Santa TUPOMAS Unisex Ugly Crewneck Sweatshirt

Oh, I didn’t see you there. This sweater’s epic, green gaudiness will make the people around you smile.

Whether you’re a cat lover or not, this Cat Santa TUPOMAS Unisex Ugly Crewneck Sweatshirt will appeal to your humorous side. After all, it’s a cat wearing Santa’s hat and beard!

So, aside from the cat that seems to scream at you, it even has a confetti popper behind it releasing colorful curly strings. Finally, the entire sweater comes adorned with Christmas elements like stockings, hats, decorations, and more. It’s a Christmas explosion of awesome!!

Epic Cat Santa TUPOMAS Unisex Ugly Crewneck Sweatshirt
Meeooww means you’ve been naughty!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Men

Ugly Christmas sweaters aren’t just novelty items, they are extremely amusing and fun to wear too. If you didn’t find the perfect one check out our 2019 guy’s list. In any case, you may not call it an investment but an ugly sweater can liven up a party as people start comparing their ridiculous choices.

So, if you need some funny ugly Christmas sweater ideas for men, you got just that from this article. Now, attending a gathering with people wearing these sweaters would be a lot better than going to a formal event. No need to snub each other, after all, it’s the season to be merry!

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