A Christmas Story Pink NIghtmare Bunny Pajamas

A Christmas Story Pink Nightmare Bunny Pajamas

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You Can Own The Pink Bunny Pajamas from A Christmas Story

It’s true. You can own your very own Pink Nightmare Bunny Pajamas from A Christmas Story. And you don’t need aunt Clara to buy it for you.

Weare this to any holiday gathering and everyone instantly will recognize it. Better yet, this is a perfect gag gift.

Give it to someone and make sure they have to open it in front of other people. Everyone will want to see them try it on and then CLICK! Instagram gold!

These pajamas come in men’s and women’s sizes and is officially licensed from A Christmas Story. Buy them separately or go as the the funniest couple at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. See our list of couples ugly Christmas sweater ideas for more inspiration.

Pink Nightmare Bunny Slippers and Ears

The Pink Nightmare footies are like slippers that can be removed. This looks like you could sleep comfortably in any temperature.

In the Christmas morning scene our narrator, Ralphie, is opening his presents with his family. His mother tells him to go try on Aunt Clara’s gift.

When Ralphie emerges at the top of his steps the big reveal is that Aunt Clara got him pink bunny onsie pajama set.

Ralphie is humiliated at having to wear it. Covered head to toe in pink fuzz, the pajama set even has a hood with pink bunny ears.

A Christmas Story Pink NIghtmare Bunny Pajamas for women
Aww…it’s a pink nightmare
For Men A Christmas Story Pink NIghtmare Bunny Pajamas with ears and bunny slippers
Don’t you just want to hug him?

Aunt Clara had for years labored under the delusion that I was not only perpetually 4 years old, but also a girl.


Ralphie’s dad is sympathetic and calls the outfit a “pink nightmare” and tells him to change. OK, the old man isn’t so mean after all.

The scene is funny because everyone gets gifts that they hate. Ralphie says it’s because Clara thinks Ralphie is a four year old girl. But wait, if that’s true how did she get the size right?

Christmas is coming. A Christmas Story is one of our favorite Christmas Movies because it captures nostalgia for our own childhood even though it is set before we were born.

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A Christmas Story Pink Nightmare

Ralphie Tries on His Pink Bunny Pajamas