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Christmas Sweaters for Dogs Plus Our Favorite Costumes

The weather is changing and the holiday sales are starting. Time to pick out that perfect dog Christmas sweater for your perfect dog (ok maybe she’s not perfect but she can look cute anyway).

You are definitely going to want one of these for an ugly sweater Christmas sweater card so read our guide on how to create the perfect one.

We picked our favorites from several categories. We first looked at dog Christmas sweaters and found some great ugly sweaters for dogs. Hoodies and turtlenecks are going to be big so we includes those.

There are thousands of others to choose from so go find what is perfect for your little furbaby.

Dog Christmas Sweater

It is getting cold so here is a chance to protect your fur baby and make her the envy of the dog park.

This adorable dog sweater has a really cute snowman on it. It is pretty

The perfect dog Christmas sweater is cute and fun but also functional. Dog sweaters can keep your puppy warm and dry and also make them easier to see.

It is a good idea to buy a few of them because they are gong to get wet and dirty if you use them outside and you don’t want to have to clean them every day.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters for dogs

If you host or get an invite to an ugly Christmas party consider bringing your pup in this sweet, reindeer dog sweater. This was our favorite because it has some of the same design elements as ugly Christmas sweaters you see on people.

Ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs can be cute for any event, you don’t need to wait for a party.

Turtleneck Sweater Dress

OK, you may look at the picture and wonder exactly what this is. Well, this turtleneck doggie sweater dress is more than just incredibly adorable.

This dog sweater has cute frills and a bow. It is so warm that your dog can go out in almost any weather in it. It will also help keep her dry.

Remember to introduce him to it with a few treats so he associates good things with it.

Light Up Dog Shirt

It is getting dark early so imagine how adorable this is on your nightly walks.

There are great light up Christmas sweaters for humans too so consider getting one for yourself.

This LED Christmas shirt for dogs is really functional too (that’s what we keep telling ourselves). Since it does make it easier to see you at night. But mainly the LED lights just make the dog sweater even cuter.

Don’t worry about the lights. You can’t feel any wires and the batter lasts a long time.

Dog Christmas Pajamas

Some days we all just want to stay in bed. So, think how adorable your little pup is going to look in these adorable, doggie Christmas pajamas.

These pajamas are soft and lighter than the dog Christmas sweaters so they are good for larger dogs, indoors and less cold weather.

Hoodie Dog Sweater

Worries that your little pup will still be cold? Try this beautiful sweater with a hoodie for that extra protection.

This is more subdued than some of our other picks. The burgundy and grey are actually nice and the detail includes two moose, snowflakes and other holiday elements.

It isn’t just fashion. Wet dog equals smelly dog and this will help her stay cuddly dry and fresh smelling.

Dog Christmas Costumes

Dog Elf Costume

Dog costumes are awesome and we included two great ideas for you.

Picking the best Dog Elf Costume was seriously the hardest category. That is because there are so many great choices to choose from.

Your dog is going to look adorable in this great costume. The little red balls remind us a jester and doesn’t she have the heart of a jester?

Santa Dog Costume

This is possibly this single cutest costume or sweater here. This dog costume has it all. It is Santa red and has little reindeer antlers on top and a little Santa riding on top.

Fun fact: reindeer are one of the few deer where the females also have antlers.

There are so many Santa Dog Costumes to choose from. If these aren’t just begging on to go on Instagram then I don’t know what is.

That’s our list of Christmas sweaters for dogs. There are so many great ugly Christmas sweater ideas for 2019. Take a look at our list of Christmas sweater dresses, couples Christmas sweaters and even fun pregnancy Christmas sweaters.

Dog Christmas Sweater

Dog Christmas Sweater with snowman and snowflakes.. Red with green stripes
Dog Christmas Sweater. Red and green stripes with a large soft snowman and snowflakes.

Ugly Christmas Sweater for Dogs

Ugly Christmas Sweater for dog. Smiling Rudolph the red nosed reindeer hanging Christmas lights. Green stripes
Dog Ugly Christmas Sweater with alternating green stripes and smiling reindeer

Turtleneck Sweater Dress

Dog turtleneck sweater in red frills with bowtie.
Click to see images of a dog wearing this turtleneck sweater

LED Light Up Dog Shirt

Light Up Dog Christmas Sweater. LED Dog Christmas sweater
LED dog Christmas shirt lights up

Dog Christmas Pajamas

Dog Christmas Pajamas red with penguins and snowflakes
Green trimmed, red Dog Christmas Pajamas with penguins and snowflakes

Hoodie Dog Sweater

Hoodie Dog Sweater with reindeer, red and grey. Has hood to keep doggie dry
Hoodie Dog Sweater In Grey and Burgundy

Dog Elf Costume

Dog Elf Costume with hat and footie wrist wraps
Dog Elf Costume with red balls comes with hat and wrist wraps

Santa Dog Costume

Santa Dog Costume makes your pup one of Santa's reindeer
Santa Dog Costume makes your pup one of Santa’s reindeer