Black Panther Sweater List for Christmas

Black Panther Sweater

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Wakanda and Black Panther Sweaters, Hoodies and Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Black Panther Christmas Sweaters

It’s Christmas in Wakanda! Here’s our countdown for the best Black Panther sweater for Christmas 2019. We included some you can wear to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and some you can give as gifts to wear all year long.

These sweaters celebrate everything great about Black Panther, Wakanda and all that is stands for.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Our first two choices celebrate wakanda. The first is a cool black with yellow and white ornaments and detail. It is soft and cool and great for daily wear.

The second one is the bright yellow Wu Tang Ugly Christmas Sweater. This one shouts Wakanda Forever and has great detail on the arms and along the shoulders and stomach.

This one is great because it comes in a lot of sizes from small to 4XL.

Black Panther Hoodie

This Black Panther Hoodie is a great gift idea for 2019. It isn’t a Christmas sweater and it doesn’t say Black Panther or Wakanda on it.

But it is seriously cool because it gives you T’Challa’s warrior look. It has tribal styling and the great piece that he wears that holds the Black Panther suit.

Buy this one for you or as a gift for someone else and they can wear it every day in 2020.

Black Panther Sweatshirt

The Black Panther sweatshirt comes from Marvel and has Wakanda Forever in cool lettering and T’Challa as the Black Panther with his arms crossed.

We love it because Black Panther was more than an MCU hit and one of the best action movies in decades but it’s a utopian view of what we could be as a people.

We hope you found the Black Panther Sweater of your choice. But, also consider our other great movie sweater ideas. Ghostbusters Christmas Sweaters, Star Wars Sweaters, Rick & Morty Christmas Sweaters and A Christmas Vacation sweaters.

Wakanda Black Panther Sweater

Wakanda Sweater Black Panther Christmas Sweater

Wakanda Forever Wu Tang Black Panther Sweater

Black Panther Ugly Christmas Sweater Wakanda

Black Panther Hoodie

Black Panther Hoodie Sweater

Black Panther Sweatshirt

Black Panther Sweatshirt

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