Best Light up Christmas Sweater of 2019

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Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are Big For 2019

The light up Christmas sweater started a few years ago but is really hot for the 2019 Holiday season.

They are fun because they are tacky, attention getting and stand out great at night or in a dark party or bar. They can be a great choice if you are attending a party and want to win an ugly Christmas party contest.

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp

It’s a major award! The leg lamp from A Christmas Story with LED lights. The old man wins his major award which he thinks is Italian – fra-gi-le!

This light up ugly Christmas sweater has LED’s in the ornaments on the lamp.

If you like this check out the Pink Nightmare Bunny Pajamas from A Christmas Story.

Make Your Own Christmas Sweater Kit

This 100% cotton light up sweater comes as a kit. It includes a blank red sweater and decorations and LED lights you attach however you like.

This is nice because it is a fun, short creative project and you can be assured of having a one-of-a-kind light up Christmas sweater.

Yeti Christmas Sweater

We don’t think this was licensed to be Bumble, The Abominable Snowmonster of the North. But, he looks like him to me.

In any case this adorable yeti Christmas sweater is cute, recognizable and lights up. The light strand on this abominable snow man sweater light up and it is very cute.

Christmas Vacation Light Up Sweater

Have a fun, old fashioned family Christmas with this or any of the other items on our Christmas Vacation ugly sweater list.

The one shows Clark Griswold’s hard work paying off with all the sweater LEDs twinkling in all their majesty? This one is pretty and one of the softer led Christmas sweaters available in 2019.

LED ugly Christmas sweaters

LED lights are pretty cool and low voltage so you don’t have to worry about them feeling hot on your skin.

These are sweaters that have a strand of LED lights woven into the material. Increasingly the lights are not connected to each other and they are attached individually with their own battery in the base of each light.

If you didn’t find the Light up Christmas sweater of your choice check out this listing of them and brighten your holidays (cough).

A Christmas Story LED Sweater

A Christmas story LED light up Christmas sweater. The lights on the Leg Lamp Light Up
The lights on the Leg Lamp Light Up

Design Your Own Light Up Sweater

Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit comes with Sweater and LED ornaments that you attach
You attach the light up Christmas Ornaments

Abominable Snow Man Sweater

Bumble, The Abominable Snowmonster of the North. Abominable Snow Man Sweater. Yeti Christmas Sweater, Rankin/Bass Bumble sweater
Yeti Christmas Sweater Looks Familiar

Christmas Vacation Light Up Sweater

Christmas Vacation Light Up Sweater, Christmas Vacation LED ugly Sweater
Christmas Vacation Griswold Family Christmas Light Up Sweater