ghostbusters ugly Christmas sweater

Ghostbusters Ugly Christmas Sweater

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2019’s Best Ghostbusters Sweaters, Shirts and Sweatshirts

Ghostbusters is a classic and beloved even by those who weren’t alive to see the 1984 movie in theaters.

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Ugly Christmas Cardigan

This Christmas cardigan style sweater is instantly recognizable. It is 100% cotton and soft and cooler than a pullover.

Since it is unisex you can find a size for most men and women. So here’s an idea. Buy matching ones and coordinate your outfit. And, as any couple knows, wearing matching clothes to a party increases the tacky factor by 15.

Ghostbusters Christmas Hoodie

Too cool for a sweater, Zuckerberg? No problem. Check out this Ghostbusters Christmas hoodie sweatshirt. It has pixelated style Christmas trees and snowflakes added to the design to pay homage to the 1984 release of the classic movie.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Christmas T-Shirt

Clear your mind! Too late. Now you are being chased by a giant marshmallow mascot. This Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Christmas T-Shirt is a great addition to your holiday wardrobe.

Ain’t Afraid of no ghost wreath sweatshirt

This Christmas wreath, no-symbol ghost sweatshirt is really cute. It is more minimalist than most Christmas sweaters and probably won’t win any tacky awards. It is simple, light and machine washable so it is a nice daily wear piece.

Ivan Reitman directed the movie that probably seemed like an unlikely premise for a blockbuster. But he and Dan Aykroyd wrote an amazing story and with Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver in the cast, the group spun gold.

Is it a Christmas movie? Every movie is a Christmas movie if you believe in yourself. If you didn’t see what you want then check out our breakdown of The Office Christmas Sweater collection, Star Wars sweaters or maybe choose a Rick and Morty Christmas Sweater. Or, go a little wild and check out these naughty Christmas sweaters.

Those are our choices for the best Ghostbusters Ugly Christmas Sweater, t-shirt and hoodie. We hope you found the right one to make your Christmas supernatural.

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Ghostbusters Ugly Christmas Sweater Cardigan Style
Ghostbusters Ugly Christmas Sweater Cardigan Style
Ghostbuster Sweater for women. Cardigan ugly Christmas sweater
Women’s Ghostbuster Sweater
Ghostbusters Christmas Hoodie sweatshirt from the 1984 movie. Ghostbusters with Christmas trees
 Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Christmas T-Shirt