Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Guys!

2019 Top Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Guys

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Guy‘s Guide To Ugly Christmas Sweaters

These ugly Christmas sweater ideas for guys are a follow up to an earlier article because we have so many additional suggestions.

Animated Sweater You Control With Your Phone

Your Phone Plays Animations In The Sweater

Watch the video here. The Morphsuits Digital Dudz Amazing Sweater is really cool. You download an app on your phone and then it sits in a pocket on the front of the sweater.

The app plays animations that go with each design like a roaring fire, blinking reindeer eyes or Santa’s legs flailing out of the top of a chimney.

Watch the video below for more details. Then click here to see all the available designs.

Morphsuits Digital Dudz Amazing Sweater Light up sweater with phone app animated screen
Morphsuits Digital Dudz Amazing Ugly Xmas Jumper Sweater, Download The App Bring it to Life with Your Phone

Blizzard Bay Men’s Gorilla Ugly Sweater

Cute Blizzard Bay Men's Gorilla Ugly Sweater
Blizzard Bay Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Gorillas

Still miss Harambe? Us too. This is a sweet and touching ugly Christmas sweater ideas for guys. It may technically be Harambe but it will still put a smile on everyone’s face. The gorilla is holding cute kitties. while wearing his own Christmas outfit.

It is 100% cotton and really soft but needs to be hand washed. It comes in sizes from small to XXL and is available through Amazon Prime Wardrobe so you can try it before you buy it.

Tipsy Elves Gift Wrap Sweater

God's Gift Tipsy Elves Mens Gift Wrap Sweater with Bow
You can open me early if you are extra good…where are you going?

You are God’s gift to women. Or at least this party. So say that with this gift wrapping ugly Christmas sweater. The bow is huge and hard to miss. Get ready for some compliments. This one is available in sizes from small to XL.

Tipsy Elves has some of the best ugly Christmas sweater ideas for guys so click on the link and look at some of the other options on the page.

This one is available through Amazon Prime and you can get a lot of their designs in one day.

Blizzard Bay Men’s Unicorn Vomit Sweater

Available to 4XL Tall

What more do you want. It is a unicorn vomiting candy canes, snowflakes, and other Christmas goodies.

Prefer space cats, pizza or Jesus and Santa dancing? This comes in over a dozen other ugly Christmas sweater designs. So click the image and pick one for yourself.

Blizzard Bay offers a broader range of sizes than some of the other companies. This one is available from small to 4XL and includes tall sized options.

It is also available through Prime Wardrobe so you can get free returns.

Blizzard Bay Men's Unicorn Vomit Magic Candy Canes
Ugh…I ate too much Christmas Magic

Tipsy Elves Men’s Black Cat Sweater with Bells

Cute ugly Christmas sweater ideas for guys. Tipsy Elves Men's Black Cat Sweater with pompoms
Prepare to get pawed…LOL
Tipsy Elves
Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater
Black Cat Sweater with Bells

This one is great. But it is described as having bells on it. It does have bows and the tinsel pompoms.

The cat standing is standing on holly because, why not? Cats stand where they want. People will want to touch the red bows and white pompoms. If an actual cat goes after the tinsel let us know.

This is one of the truly epic ugly Christmas sweater ideas for guys. There are so many things going on in this sweater that other people will probably do a double or triple-take once you walk into the room.

Tipsy Elves Men’s Tacky Christmas Tree Sweater with Suspenders

Tipsy Elves went all out with this one. It is ugly and shiny and has garland and suspenders. It doesn’t get a whole lot tackier than this.

Like their Gaudy Christmas Tree sweater, a lot of people report this fits a little snug for the size so software tummies may mean ordering up a size.

This one is thankfully softer and more comfortable than it looks. It is supposed to he machine washable but I am a bit skeptical that won’t impact the appearance of the ornamentation.

Available through Amazon prime up to 2XL you can get this one delivered pretty quickly to most locations. Tipsy Elves is one of the innovators of men’s ugly Christmas sweaters and most of their designs are pretty popular.

fugly Christmas sweater ideas for guys, Tipsy Elves Men's hideous Christmas Tree Sweater with Suspenders
Tipsy Elves Men’s
Christmas Tree
Sweater with Suspenders

Epic Kitty Lightning Sweater

ugly Christmas sweater ideas for guys. Epic Kitty Lightning Sweater YRCUONE 3D
I am Mr. Wrinkles
God of Lightning

This sweater is just Metal. It has a cat wearing a Christmas hat firing lightning from his paws and setting a Christmas tree aflame. So, if you want something that’s epic, ugly and confusing, the YRCUONE 3D Ugly Sweatshirt is perfect.

Not epic enough for you? Click the link and you will see there are 6 other designs. This includes Santa riding a shark that is firing a rainbow from it’s mouth. There is a dapper cat option too so….um…you are welcome.

Sizes up to 2XL and available through Prime. We assume there is an option to have it delivered by a flame breathing unicorn surfing a volcano.

#followme Mens Ugly Guy’s Sweater

This elf has a huge head. Not a small body. One of the better options from the brand #followme, this one works because it looks like a kids made it with glue and pieces of felt.

This is a soft sweater, made of 100% acrylic and available via Amazon Prime up to 3XL. Like other sweaters with things

Any sweater that has decorations or other items attached to them you need to be careful not to knock things off them. Softer attachments like the pompoms on the elf’s shoes will hold up better.

This bright red sweater will catch the attention of everyone in the room. When they see the design in front, they may wonder why you would ever wear such a sweater. Don’t mind them, just rock it!

#followme Mens Ugly Guy's elf Sweater for men
Elf Body Ugly Sweater By #followme

North Pole & Gremlins Hoodies

Imbry Gremlins Hoodie for Men
Imbry Gremlins Ugly Sweater
ugly Christmas sweater ideas for guys. North pole dancer elves making it rain
I guess Santa does pay the elves

Imbry Gremlins Hoodie

Gremlins is a Christmas movie so why not put them on a sweater? The Imbry Mens Ugly 3D Printed Sweater comes is more choices that we can outline here.

Making it Rain at the North Pole

Make it rain up in here! This dancer is working that North Pole and earning all those hard earned dollars the elves.

There isn’t much to do after a busy day of making toys. These elves are blowing off some steam watching the blond beauty in action.

If you like this, and we do, then consider going a little wilder and checking out our list of naughty Christmas sweaters.

8 More Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Guys

There you have it, some of the best ugly Christmas sweater ideas for guys! But if you need more then check out the article 8 Funny, Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Men. By now, you should know why these ugly sweaters have gained so much popularity. Just because these sweaters aren’t classy, traditional or stylish, it doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve some love, right?

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to choose an ugly sweater for yourself or to give to the man in your life. Any of these options will put a smile on their face and add an element of fun and quirkiness to your Christmas.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Guys
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