Best Couples Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Best Couples Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Go Ahead, Be that Couple

So, you are in love make sure absolutely nobody forgets that. These couples ugly Christmas sweater ideas come in several varieties, a pair that only work together, matching pieces and, for only the bold, the two-person ugly Christmas sweater set.

Noisy Snowflakes Matching Couples Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This first one is pretty soft on the skin but a little harsh on the eyes. The snowflakes are pretty busy. The whole thing reminds me a bit of Techno Frog. They do have a nice look and hit the mark in terms of tacky couples sweaters.

But compared to some other choices this is pretty lightweight,. comfortable and easy to move around in. They are cut more like sweatshirts so they are more casual looking. Plus you may match but you don’t actually have to be standing together for these to work.

All I want Is You…Me Too!

Coming in red and green with matching, yet simple, “All I want for Christmas is You” this one has classic cute written all over it. These two may only have eyes for each other but they sure could look happier. Cotton/poly mix and machine washable. These G-rated choices would look cute walking with the kiddies at a Christmas festival or a family gathering.

Sexy, Tacky, Cool

These two are really selling it. Relatively lightweight you can wear this one inside and show off your faux abs and cleavage for all to see.

In case you are wondering, no, these only seem to be available in this single shade of Caucasian. Sorry, most humans. You will just have to find a different way to win tackiest couple at the ugly Christmas sweater party this year.

I Don’t Know Margo!

Tacky matching couples sweaters with large snowflakes; matching couples ugly christmas sweaters
Couples Coordinated Sweater With Massive Snowflakes
All I want for Christmas is you coordinated couples Christmas sweaters
All I want for Christmas Is You Couples Coordinated

Faux Sexy Couples Christmas Sweaters

Couples Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas. Christmas Vacation Margot and Todd
Look Around You Ellen!

Hopefully you got this reference to Christmas Vacation right away. This exchange happens when the Griswold’s obnoxious, 80s yuppie neighbors discover their broken window and smashed awesome 80s stereo.

It is a good idea to buy Christmas t-shirts. You are going to spend a lot of time indoors and a lot of homes, offices and stores can be pretty hot. Note that the reviews say these run a little small so, if in doubt, go up a size.

No, these are not sweaters but you have to spend sometime inside cleaning up the wet carpet. But first, go take a shower.

Matching Couples Sweaters…Sold Separately

No, these two aren’t having a fight. This classic Christmas Tree Sweater with ornaments isn’t sold in sets but like many top sellers there are matching men’s and women’s versions you can buy and accomplish the same thing.

Tipsy Elves Gaudy Tree with decorations sweater for men
Tipsy Elves Gaudy Tree with decorations sweater for women; matching couples ugly christmas sweaters

A Pink Nightmare!

Aunt Clara didn’t buy this couple any sweaters. They are dressed in one of the most memorable outfits in Christmas movie history.

These Pink Nightmare Bunny Pajamas come in men’s and women’s sizes. They are officially licensed from A Christmas Story and are very authentic.

Considering it? Read more about the Pink Nightmare Bunny Pajamas.

A Christmas Story Pink Nightmare Matching Pink Bunny Pajamas from the movie

Pregnant Couple Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

OK this one is super cute. And it can double as an announcement at family gatherings or parties if you are ready to share the big news.

If one of you is preggers then you definitely want to check out our list of 7 Maternity Ugly Christmas Sweaters for the best way to cover your bump.

Couples Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas. I put a cookie in that over. There's a cookie in the oven.

Two Person Ugly Christmas Sweaters

A two-person Christmas sweater is literally a single sweater you both wear. Hey wait! Where are their other hands? Oooohhh…now I get it.

Is this the ultimate Couples Ugly Christmas Sweater Idea? Are all other couples less devoted than you? Those can be your defenses when your friends asked you what you were thinking.

Perfect for Christmas Cards

Sure, these are Instagram gold. If your partner would be embarrassed then you can buy one of these to make him or her prove their love.

Perhaps these are good for a few minutes at an ugly Christmas sweater party. If you did then I think you would have a great shot at taking away a prize for tackiest costume. But I dare you to try to wear this for an evening.

The best use we can think of is to take the most cringe worthy Christmas cards any of your friends will ever get.

We really don’t know why someone would buy these. You can love someone but to literally be tied to them is a bit much. I respect you if you can wear these sincerely, ironic attitude sold separately.

Speaking of a bit much, if you are looking to show how settled in and comfortable you are then make a statement that you have no boundaries from each other. Choose this one that shown Santa on the toilet while Mrs. Claus bathes.

Reindeer are one of the few deer where the does also grow antlers. In any case, this one shows two reindeer charging towards each other with a heart in the middle. Funny they show two women in the picture but also make it clear that they are not holding hands or touching each other.

Two person sweater santa on the toilet Mrs clause in the tub bathing
Light a match Santa!
Two-person ugly Christmas sweater with reindeer in love
I guess they wanted gay reindeer but totally straight models?
Couples Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas
Why is it always the woman who is naughty?

Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Kids and Pregnant Women

If you want to coordinate with the whole family take a look at our guide to ugly Christmas sweater ideas for kids and toddlers. We also have some great suggestions for maternity ugly Christmas sweaters.

The Best Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Couples

2019 promises lots of great couples ugly Christmas Sweater ideas for you and your special someone. If you see any that you love (or hate) share them with us. Also, send us your pics of you looking your most couple-tastic and we will post them. You can wear the to ugly Christmas sweater parties and be the coolest couple there.