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Best Ugly Christmas Sweater with Reindeer

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Naughty, Cute and Funny Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Reindeer ugly Christmas sweaters are a great holiday choice. Few things say Christmas as much as reindeer. Plus, an Ugly Christmas Sweater with Reindeer can be naughty, cute or funny depending on the occasion.

Naughty ugly Christmas sweaters with reindeer having sex are very popular. But if you want to keep it G-rated then have also some examples of cute reindeer Christmas sweaters and some funny ones too.

Reindeer Having Sex Sweater

One of the top selling inappropriate ugly Christmas sweaters is the with reindeer climax sweater. Sometimes you see the deer doing the deed while flying and some show sweaters them doing adult reindeer games on the ground.

We get asked a lot if the reindeer in all of these sweaters are gay. We have never seen a reindeer shown having sex that didn’t have antlers. If you notice all the reindeer sex designs show identical looking reindeer shapes making sweet reindeer-style love.

Normally we say we didn’t ask the reindeer how they self-identify so we can’t really say. It isn’t our place to put labels on reindeer. So, back off man.

FUN FACT: reindeer are the only deer species in which both male and females have antlers.

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Best Cute Reindeer Sweater

The first one is cute and pretty tasteful. So, if you are looking for a cute reindeer sweater that is also pretty nice looking and wears well this is a good choice. It has subdued colors and isn’t loud of tacky like the other reindeer sweaters on the list.

The second one, on the right one is called the prancing reindeer 8-bit red sweater.

Ugly Adult Christmas Holiday Sweater with Reindeer
Pretty cute sweater with subdued colors

These little guys are just prancing reindeer….oh, now I get it. Anyway they are frolicking and just having a great time in the snow.

This one is nice enough to wear for daily wear and is also a more subdued choice for a party. But, as we said before, cute doesn’t win an ugly Christmas sweater contest.

We have plenty of other cute ugly Christmas sweater ideas so if you didn’t like these then we may still be able to help.

Prancing Reindeer 8-bit Women’s Red Cropped Sweatshirt
Prancing Reindeer 8-bit Women’s Red Cropped Sweatshirt
Women’s Navy Step Brothers Ugly Christmas Sweater cute dancing reindeer

Best funny Ugly Christmas Sweater with Reindeer

fidget spinner reindeer sweater, ugly christmas sweater with fidget spinner
Trees and Dead Reindeers ugly christmas sweater with reindeer

These funny reindeer sweaters take a more lighthearted approach.

This fidget spinner reindeer sweater has a working fidget spinner on the reindeer’s nose. Click the link to see an animated version on it but don’t blame us if people want to flick your chest all night.

We have lots of other funny ugly Christmas sweater ideas if you want to keep looking.

The one has a descriptive title. “Trees and Dead Reindeers.” Sort of warrants an explanation, don’t you think? I guess the reindeer hit the trees while flying and that is why the trees are leaning over and reindeer are dead. Maybe we just shouldn’t over think it.

Reindeer Sweaters

We hope we convinced you that reindeers are your new holiday spirit animal. Check out our lists for a lot more ugly Christmas sweater ideas.