Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Kids

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Kids in 2019

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for families, kids, toddlers and babies Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Work

Guide to Baby, Kids and Toddlers Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Nothing is cuter than tiny little Christmas clothes. Except possibly ugly Christmas sweaters. These Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for kids, babies and toddlers will help make this holiday epic.

A lot of younger kids like to mix their clothes like they choose them in the dark. Cowboy boots, a tiara and the one t shirt they like to wear? Why not? Since your kids are going to embrace tacky anyway then they are tailor made for ugly Christmas sweaters. We also have a special list for Christmas sweaters just for toddlers.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Christmas Cards

You can save money and hassle by taking care of your Christmas cards early. So buy your family sweaters and make the most adorable ugly Christmas sweater cards ever. You can all match or buy similar or totally different sweaters. They all work.

If you are pregnant or including kids in the card then choose those first. There are much better selections for adult men and women. If you are pregnant look over that guide as well for a mix of ugly Christmas sweater ideas for pregnancy.

Headphones Lama Sweater

Lamas are cute. This ugly Christmas sweater piles on the cuteness with headphones, a cool stripey hat and a holiday background with hearts thrown in for good measure.

This next ugly Christmas sweater for girls gets our vote for the likely favorite of the season. It is acrylic but surprisingly soft. It will look nice at school, parties, family events or just hanging out.

Besides, your kid can wear it well after Christmas so you can get more sue out of it than the sweaters with Santa or reindeer on it.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Kids. Pink headphone wearing llama sweater
Pink headphone wearing llama sweater

Here Comes Santa Floss

Here comes Santa Floss 
Dancing Santa Sweater
Here comes Santa Floss
Dancing Santa Sweater

This ugly sweater is great if your kid likes to floss. Flossing is a dance move that was introduced by the video game, Fortnite Battle Royale.

Like the dance, this kids ugly Christmas sweater is good for both boys and girls. To Floss a person repeatedly swings their arms, with clenched fists, from the back of their body to the front, on each side. It is cute the first time but many kids will do it dozens of times a day for months on end.

The Santa Floss Christmas Sweater will give your kids an excuse to break out their moves for friends, family and total strangers. If they love flossing then check out this Fortnight Nerf gun for a great gift idea.

Go Epic With 10 Crazy Designs to Choose From!

If you can’t decide on a design then Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Kids then just click the link and see 10 of the most epic images imaginable.

This line includes options with fire breathing dinosaurs, cats on slices of pizza, a dog wearing novelty sunglasses and a unicorn drooling rainbows. Your kids will love it.

You can find a whole December worth of awesomeness here and they will be the talk of their school.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Kids. Epic Santa riding a fire breathing TRex
Epic Santa riding a fire breathing TRex

Ugly Christmas sweater ideas for Toddlers

When considering ugly Christmas sweater ideas for Toddlers put a greater emphasis on making sure they are comfortable and easy to manage. Shoving a toddler into a pullover sweater can be a pain. People always suggest looking for machine washable clothes that are easy to remove stains from but I say don’t bother. They are never going to fit them next Christmas anyway, so they are a onetime purchase.

If you are going to buy them in October so you can get your Christmas cards printed early, then definitely make sure you buy them a little big so they can wear them through the big day.

Red Santa Christmas Ruffle Sweater

Adorable ruffled Christmas sweater for little girls
Toddler Christmas Ruffle Sweater

Try not to melt. This Santa Christmas Ruffle Sweater is super frilly and adorable but still cute enough to wear almost anywhere.

Hands down this is one of the best Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for toddlers and makes a perfect choice for family Christmas card photos.

Surprisingly it is 100% cotton and machine washable. You will want to dry it flat. The tiered ruffle hem really makes this. It also has a round neckline, raglan long sleeves and ribbed cuffs.

Roar! Ugly Christmas Raptor with Santa Hat Sweater

Kids love dinosaurs. So this Christmas Raptor is a guaranteed hit and reviewers report their child wanted to wear it every day.

It is actually really nice and keep the tacky factor low. The Raptor is soft and had really nice details.

This is one our favorite Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Kids. It is available in sizes up to 12 years old so you don’t have to limit it to your toddler. Consider buying your kids matching sweaters and make a theme of it.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Kids. Christmas Raptor Ugly Sweater
Christmas Raptor Ugly Sweater

Construction Equipment Christmas Sweater

Dozers and more Big Construction Equipment Cute Christmas Sweater Ideas for Kids, kids ugly Christmas sweater
Dozers and more Big Construction Equipment

Kids love big construction equipment. This equipment themed Christmas sweater has a front end loader, dump truck, cement mixer and a track excavator all on one adorable Christmas sweater.

It should be easy to care for and will get you through the holiday season.

Because this one emphasizes the equipment over more obviously Christmas images you can let them wear it well into the new year.

There are hundreds of other great ugly Christmas sweater ideas for Toddlers. Check out this list on Amazon and find the perfect one for your child. Remember to buy early to get the style and size you want.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Babies

You don’t have to leave your baby out of the fun. These baby ugly Christmas sweater ideas for range from cute to tacky.

Click the images for more details. Some of the other kids and toddler sweaters on our list also come in baby sizes so click those images and check.

Our next ugly Christmas sweater for babies is too cute. If you have a relative or friend who loves to dress their baby up to sweet and fancy you can given them one of these in front of a large group and annoy them. That is just good holiday fun.

This ‘filthy animal’ onesie is a great reference to Home Alone, the greatest parenting movie ever. Just add baby!

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal  Christmas Onesie. Ugly CHristmas sweater for baby
Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Onesie
Mommy & Daddy's Little Present ugly Christmas Sweater for baby with bow
Mommy & Daddy’s Little Present
Baby's First Ugly Christmas Sweater onesie and pants with bow. baby ugly Christmas sweater
Baby’s First Ugly Christmas Sweater

Maternity Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

For more maternity ideas see our 7 Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Pregnancy article.

This top choice goes to this gift wrapped bump ugly Christmas sweater. It has the classic tacky look you want but also is light enough you can wear it inside.

The criteria for choosing a maternity ugly Christmas sweater is similar to choosing one for anyone else.

Don’t forget that you are buying clothes. It can be easy to get excited by a concept or outrageous design and click ‘Buy’ before thinking it through and reading the fine print.

The more outlandish, novelty Christmas sweaters are often inexpensively made. You won’t get that much use out of it although you probably can wear it several holiday seasons in a row.

You may not care about how it wears over time but you will care about how it feels and your comfort.

Be wary about buying materials you wouldn’t normally buy. Many pregnant women complain about being hot all the time. So, it is surprising that many novelty maternity sweaters are heavily constructed, with thick knits and artificial materials.

Most likely you are going to wear them inside so consider a t-shirt instead. This snowman is a great choice. It is adorable and roomy for your bump. But, don’t worry. Nobody is going to criticize you for not being tacky enough.

Couples Pregnancy Announcement Christmas Sweaters

Read our detailed guide to the Best Couples Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas.

You want to spread the word of your big news. But, if you are in your first trimester and wearing oversized clothes how are people going to know you are pregnant?

There are not a huge volume of choices for couples sweaters to announce you are pregnant. This I put a Cookie In that Oven set is a great choice.

Maternity Cookie In The Oven Christmas Sweater for pregnancy
Cookie In The Oven Christmas Sweater

Mommy's Tummy Gift Wrapped Maternity Christmas Sweater with Bow on the tummy
Mommy’s Tummy Gift Wrapped
Snowman Christmas maternity t-shirt in white
Snowman Christmas maternity t-shirt is cooler than a sweater
Couples Announcement Ugly Christmas Sweaters cookie in the oven
Couples Announcement Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Those are our top Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Kids with some bonus suggestions on buying an ugly Christmas sweater for babies and toddlers. We also have more suggestions you can read for your toddler and pregnant women. Make sure you buy early and order your Christmas cards so you can share the holiday cuteness.

If you are thinking about throwing an ugly sweater event then check out our guide to Throwing an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.