Grinch Sweater List for 2019

The Grinch Sweater

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Grinch Christmas Sweater List

The Grinch and his loveable dog Max are always great ideas for any event. Unlike other pop culture choices, a Grinch sweater isn’t just recognizable and loveable but it says something about Christmas.

The Grinch has come back to Whoville a few times each generation since How the Grinch Stole Christmas! was published in 1957.

For 2019 we have classic Grinch Sweaters, Ugly Grinch Sweaters and even Donald Trump Grinch Sweaters to Choose from.

The Grinch really started hitting his peak in 1966 with the classic cartoon. Then after a few more remakes we got a full reboot with the Jim Carey movie in 2000.

The lovable grump got a classic retelling with Benedict Cumberbatch playing the Grinch just last year. So, the Grinch never really left us.

Grinch Christmas Sweaters

We started off with three different types of Grinch Christmas Sweaters.

The first is an attractive black cardigan Grinch sweater. This is great if you just want to make a playful pop-culture reference. You can wear this anywhere any time including to work or in public. It is nice and playful. The black background and bright colors make it a reasonably elegant choice.

Next we have a Grinch Ugly Christmas Sweater. This one is better for a fun occasion like an ugly Christmas party or maybe a bar crawl. The grinch and tree illustration is much larger and the colors make it clear this is trying to be tacky.

The third example shows a large grinning Grinch face on an all green sweater. This is also a nice choice for family events or shopping. It wont win you any ugly Christmas sweater parties but will be a hit with kids because of the huge face and big grin.

Grinch Pajamas for The Family

Think how cute this would be for your holiday cards or for those Christmas morning pictures.

Available in men’s, women’s and kids sizes, these pajamas can be bough individually but makes a great family theme as well.

Trump Grinch Christmas Sweaters

Trump Sweaters and Impeachment Christmas Sweaters are going to be YUGE in 2019. So, these sweaters and socks join the game by saying “you’re a mean one Mr. Trump” and making him a Grinch style character.

A big seller this year are Trump Grinch sweaters, and we also like these socks.

Grinch Sweater Black Cardigan

Black Cardigan with Grinch, Decorations and Candy Canes

Grinch Ugly Christmas Sweater

Grinch Ugly Christmas Sweater

Big Grinch Grin

Grinning Grinch Sweater in Green

Grinch Pajamas

Grinch Pajamas for Kids, Moms and Dads. Buy matching Grinch pajamas for the whole family
You're a Mean One Mr. Trump, Trump Grinch Sweater. Ugly Christmas Sweater
Trump Grinch Socks for Christmas

More Grinch Ugly Christmas Sweaters

We hope you likes these choices. If you want other great pop culture ideas then check out The Office Christmas Sweater collection, Elf Movie Christmas Sweater, Christmas Vacation Christmas Sweaters, Star Wars Christmas Sweaters and Ghostbusters Sweaters as well. If you are looking for more Grinch Sweater Ideas we included a few more below.

Grinch Ugly Christmas Sweater for men
Grinning Grinch Sweater
Green Grinch Sweater
Grinch Hoodie Black in several sizes