9 Adorable Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Toddlers

9 Adorable Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Toddlers

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for families, kids, toddlers and babies

2019’s Best Toddler Tacky Holiday Sweaters

Ugly sweater Christmas parties include kids too! From celebrations in class to parties with friends and relatives and more, there are so many events where you can dress your child up in an adorable – but ugly Christmas sweater. For more ideas see our article on sweaters for kids.

For even more big ideas for your little one check out our Best Kids Christmas Sweaters for 2019 Guide.

1. Tstars Unicorn Xmas Tree Cute Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

All little girls love unicorns, right? So why don’t you get your little princess a Christmas sweater featuring the magical horned creature? Don’t look now, but this adorable unicorn has donned a Christmas tree costume to make herself part of the festive holiday cheer.

Cute and Soft!

Any child will surely look adorable while wearing this Unicorn Xmas Tree Cute Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt from Tstars has it all. It’s soft, lightweight, comfortable, and it will keep your little one warm on any occasion. It even comes in blue for little boys who have a fondness for unicorns too!

Tsars Unicorn XMas Tree Cute  Toddlers
Unicorn Xmas Tree Dress Sweater

2. Tstars Dabbing Santa Funny Kids Christmas Sweatshirt

Tsars Dab Dabbing Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Toddlers
Tstars Dabbing Santa  Sweatshirt

If your kids are like every kid, I know then they have dabbed a thousand times this year. Even Santa enjoys doing it.

For little kids who love to bust-a-move, this sweatshirt is a perfect choice. It’s made of a cotton-polyester blend and it’s ultra-comfortable too. This Dabbing Santa Funny Kids Sweatshirt from Tstars will surely be your child’s favorite.

This features Santa showing off his moves for everyone to see. When your child wears this sweater, you can ask him/her to strike the same pose too.

3. Christmas Is Magical Unicorn Ugly Kids Sweatshirt

Just like unicorns, Christmas is a magical occasion. So why not celebrate all the loveliness with a perfectly pink sweater for your little girl? This sweater is truly modern as it features a colorful unicorn along with other festive decorations in a pixelated style.

Your little one will fall in love with this Christmas Is Magical Unicorn Ugly Kids Sweatshirt. It’s so adorable that you might wonder why it’s part of our list of adorable ugly

Christmas is magical flying unicorn rainbow Sweater Ideas for Kids and Toddlers
Christmas Is Magical Unicorn Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

4. Tstars Kung Fu Santa Sweater for Toddlers and Kids

Kung Fu Santa
Tstars Kung Fu Santa

Seems like Santa isn’t the simple, jolly old man we all thought he was… First the Dab and now Kung Fu! Here’s another fun (and funny) ugly sweater for toddlers. While Santa looks quite serious here, it’s sure to elicit a giggle from all children with a quirky sense of humor.

The Kung Fu Santa Sweater from Tstars is of a cozy fleece fabric making it super comfortable to wear. But if your child doesn’t like this color, you’re in luck because it also comes in blue.

5. Velius Girl’s Long Sleeve Elk Sweater

No matter how ugly a sweater is, when child-sized, it transforms into something adorable. Case and point, here’s another incredibly adorable ugly Christmas sweater idea for toddlers. This time, the Long Sleeve Elk Sweater from Velius features a girl elk wearing glasses.

This knitted sweater is lightweight, super smooth, and incredibly smooth. It has a pullover style and comes in sizes suitable for children 1 to 9 years old. Does your child feel conscious because she wears glasses?

Velius Girls Geeky Smart Elk Sweater Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Toddlers
Velius Girl’s Elk Christmas Sweater

6. Baby Boys Soft Ugly Reindeer Sweater

Soft Cute Reindeer red nose Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Toddlers
He is so soft!

Ugly as this Reindeer Sweater is, your child will love him. Is this Rudolph? He does have a great, big red nose so we think it may be.

This festive ugly sweater is of a heavy cotton material making it perfect for cold winter nights. It’s adorable, funny, and your child can wear it for any ugly sweater party confidently.

Just watch your child’s eyes light up when he/she sees any of these choices from our ugly Christmas sweater ideas for toddlers, and you’ll feel just as happy!

7. Threadrock Kids Mermaid Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Mer-ry Christmas from under the sea! This nautical ugly sweater is another perfect choice for little girls as it features a lovely mermaid plus patterned starfish, seashells, anchors, and more.

Apparently, even mythical sea creatures celebrate Christmas.

This Mermaid Ugly Sweatshirt from Threadrock may not be the most typical Christmas sweater out there. But, it does say Merry Christmas, right? If black isn’t your little girl’s cup of tea, it also comes in purple, green and blue.

Threadrock Kids Mer-ry Christmas Mermaid Ugly Kids Christmas Sweatshirt
Threadrock Kids Mer-ry Christmas Mermaid

8. HAASE UNLIMITED Sloth Ugly Christmas Sweater Toddlers

Sloth Ugly Christmas Sweater tshirt X-Mas Sloth Christmas Sloth
HAASE UNLIMITED Sloth Ugly Christmas T-Shirt

Kids love sloths. I don’t understand it. It is funny that kids with all that energy love an animal that moves so slowly. The Sloth Ugly Shirt by HAASE Unlimited will bring a smile to their face.

Your kids need some holiday t-shirts for when they are not cold enough to wear a sweater.

This ugly Christmas sweater idea for toddlers features an adorable sloth snoozing on a candy cane. What makes it Christmasy? Well, it does feature the colors of the season… and you can see the sloth wearing a Christmas hat. So, just looking at this makes you want to curl up in a ball and sleep too.

9. LOSORN ZPY Cute Toddler Sweater

LOSORN ZPY Toddler Sweater With Reindeer red pompom nose antlers
Pompom Nosed Reindeer Sweatshirt

Maybe you want a break from all the loud colors in kids clothes. This has a more sedate look.

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose! Did you sing that line as you read it? If you did, then you’ll probably love to dress your little one in this ugly sweater. It features an odd-looking reindeer (probably Rudolph) with scraggly twigs for antlers.

Although the reindeer on this sweater by LOSORN ZPY looks odd, there’s also something adorable about it, right? It’s probably the simplicity of the design.

Adorable Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Toddlers

Make your Christmas season more fun by dressing toddler in these adorable ugly Christmas sweater ideas for toddlers. Don’t forget to choose a funny sweater for dad or a cute sweater for mom too. So, whether you plan to go to a party or you just want your child to look cute and funny, any of these sweaters will do. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to make a choice!