best ugly christmas sweater ideas for work

The Best Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Work

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Work

Tips to Ugly It Up At The Office in 2019

Christmas is about peace and love but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to show up Karen in accounting. These tips for selecting the best ugly Christmas sweater ideas for work will help you make the most of a holiday season.

Dressing up can be a great way to get into the season. Decorating your cubicle or office can be great but why not go full tilt and decorate yourself? Ugly Christmas sweaters show you have a sense of humor and are a good way to engage people in fun conversations.

Buy more than one. Lots of people will show up wearing one for the office holiday party but you can show your spirit by wearing them on regular workdays in December. So you will want more than one. Don’t worry about using more than one sweater. You will have more opportunities to wear your sweater outside the office as we explain in The 6 Types of Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Need to Buy

One thing that is great about ugly…it never goes out of style. Why does every musician make a Christmas album? Because you make it once and sell it every year. Ugly sweaters work the same way. Don’t worry about buying more than one because you can wear them every year.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas That are Not Safe for Work

Before we start about what how to choose an ugly Christmas sweater for the office read “10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Can’t Wear to The Office.” This will tell you styles and types to avoid and how not to end up explaining your sense of humor to the human resources manager or getting into a political debate with Karen.

Make Sure You Will Be Comfortable

Are you the kind of person who has a space heater under your desk and drapes a blanket across your legs? If you are normally cold in your office then this works to your advantage because a lot of holiday sweaters are hot even for sweaters.

Go to your closet and look at the fibers and materials you buy in regular sweaters. A lot of ugly Christmas sweaters are made from polyester or artificial fibers. They can be cheaply made and when you add decorations on them they can get really hot and itchy.

If you are going to wear it for an entire workday or even for several hours at the holiday party then make sure you are not dripping sweat. Select something that works first as a sweater like this one.

Attractive Christmas Sweater in Black and Grey and White with reindeer
Attractive Christmas Sweater

Now make other people comfortable

When looking at ugly Christmas sweater ideas for Work you can go one of two ways. You can go cute or your can go ridiculous. Both have their merits. If you want to dress up a lot then it consider mixing it up unless you really want to win by being the office queen (or king) of ugly Christmas sweaters.

This gaudy Christmas tree sweater with ornaments is an all time classic. But it has a few potential shortcomings. It is a top seller by the leader in the space, Tipsy Elves.

Gaudy Christmas Tree Sweater – Classic With Issues

Gaudy Decorations Christmas Tree Sweater. Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Work
Gaudy Decorations Christmas Tree Sweater

So in a big office, with a lot of participation someone else is going to wear this. Because of the knit and materials it is pretty hot for an office setting. Finally, sweaters with ornaments on them can be a little clumsy and can fall off. Last year I left a trail of tinsel and ornaments behind me.

Ugly Christmas Suits and Dresses

Adorable cocktail Christmas Dress
Read our guide for selecting a Christmas Dress.

Suits are Hot in 2019

Ugly Christmas Suit is Perfect for The Office. Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Work
Ugly Christmas Suit is Perfect for The Office

Consider switching it up. Don’t just look at ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for Work, consider funny alternatives.

Ugly Christmas suits and dresses can be a great alternative that works really well in less casual offices.

The Perfect Ugly Christmas Dresses

We did an in-depth guide to Choosing an Ugly Christmas Dress that includes a lot more information and suggestions. Ugly Christmas dresses can be great choices, especially if you are worried about being comfortable in your office in a sweater. Consider the same tips for sweaters but also think about the cut and then length.

A lot of ugly Christmas dresses are cut short. Sometimes really short. Don’t buy a cut you wouldn’t normally wear to the office. This one is cute and fun and we recommend it. Buy early and try it on and return it if you have any doubts.

Choosing an Ugly Christmas Suit

Women tend to dress up more in the office so men can stand out by showing their confidence and spirit.

This one was really hot in 2018 and will remain so in 2019. It is a perfect choice. It is fun and cut nicely, moderately priced and attention getting in all the ways that will keep you out of human resources.

Another thing that is nice is you can just wear regular shoes and a normal shirt and that works great. So you can take the jacket off and let the tie and pants still make the point.

Top Ugly Christmas Sweater Tips for Work

  • Make sure you will be comfortable
  • Make sure you don’t make other people uncomfortable
  • Buy sweaters you can wear outside the office
  • Be wary of ornaments attached to sweaters
  • Consider alternatives like suits, t-shirts and dresses
  • Buy early and try to avoid top sellers
  • Build a collection