6 Impeachment Ugly Christmas Sweaters are Going to be YUGE

6 Best Trump Impeachment Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas Ugly Trump Christmas Sweaters

2019 Is The Year of the Impeachment Ugly Christmas Sweater

Democratic lawmakers didn’t want this fight. But, Donald Trump is, by far, the most disappointing president as he has spread a toxic culture of misogyny and racism and now they have no choice. Here are some amazing impeachment ugly Christmas sweaters you should not only buy for yourself but buy for your friends too and make a big statement to Congress.

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1. Ugly Impeachment Sweater

This year your Christmas list is short but only Congress can deliver it. Thanks anyway Santa!

The IBBB design looks great in black because it enhances the design (and message) of this sweater, you may feel happy to know that it comes in other colors too. Donning this sweater lets everyone know that all you want for Christmas is to see the President go!

This cool sweater is of cotton and polyester – and the ratio used for these materials depends on the color. It’s an imported sweater that you can machine-wash using cold water along with clothes of the same color.

IBBB Christmas Trump Impeachment Ugly Christmas Sweater
IBBB Ugly Christmas Sweater – Christmas Impeachment

2. It’s Mueller Time Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

It's Mueller Time Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt. Trump Impeachment Sweatshirt
It’s Mueller Time Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Don’t let people forget about Russian involvement in the 2016 election and The Mueller Report.

You can remind those around you who the OG of the impeachment effort is. It’s also the perfect sweater for you if Mueller is your hero!

This is a tacky Christmas sweater that’s a bit more topical than others. So if you plan to wear it at a party, expect some apolitical people to ask for an explanation. This is another imported sweater made of polyester-cotton that’s completely machine-washable.

3. Feliz Navidad Mis Amigos Trump Ugly Sweater

Carry your passport or immigration papers when you wear this Feliz Navidad Mis Amigos Trump Ugly Sweater so you don’t get detained by ICE.

The design of this sweater was carefully printed on a soft and comfortable crewneck sweatshirt. It’s so comfortable that it may become one of the staples in your holiday wardrobe.

To keep it in good condition, machine wash then hang it out to dry.

Feliz Navidad Mis Amigos Trump Ugly Sweater
Feliz Navidad Mis Amigos – Trump Ugly Sweater Unisex Crewneck Sweatshirt

4. Donald Trump Make Christmas Great Again Ugly Sweatshirt

Donald Trump Make Christmas Great Again Ugly Sweatshirt
Donald Trump Make Christmas Great Again Ugly Sweatshirt

Yes, please! Let’s make Christmas (and America) great again by impeaching Trump as soon as possible! Do your coworkers hate you because you’re always trash-talking Trump? Wait till you see their faces when you wear this Donald Trump Make Christmas Great Again Ugly Sweatshirt.

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5. Ugly Sweater Style 3D

I dare you to find an uglier sweater than this. This hilariously hideous sweater is another great find for you to show off your sarcastic side.

This Ugly Sweater Style 3D has a print that’s both funny and fantastic. Show up in any party wearing this for a total win. It’s such a huge favorite that people might come from all around the office just to get a glimpse of it and see if it’s real.

Eye-straining as the design of this sweater is, it goes all the way to the back. No matter how many times you wash this sweater made of polyester and spandex, it will still come out vibrant and beautiful. To top it off, it’s really comfortable too!

Donald Trump Ugly Sweater Style 3D
Big seller in the Ukraine (possibly)

6. Trump It’s Gunna Be Yuge Ugly Christmas Sweater

Trump It's Gunna Be Yuge Ugly Christmas Sweater. Trump It's Gonna Be Yuge Ugly Christmas Sweater
Impeachment is gonna be YUGE!

This final sweater on our list will elicit a “YUGE” reaction from anyone who sees it.

Nobody exaggerates like this guy and he has gotten away with it for too long.

This sweater is of 100% acrylic and it’s sure to make you the center of attention.

From the tacky color combination to the hideous illustration of Trump, this sweater is another winner for your ugly sweater Christmas party!

Get Your’s Early!

As you can see, there is no shortage when it comes to Trump impeachment ugly Christmas sweaters. For more inspiration head over to our top list of Trump sweaters and 2019 Trump Sweater report. This just goes to show how many people (both Americans and non-Americans) stand with you in your fight against the disaster known as the President of the United States.