naughty ugly Christmas sweater ideas

Naughty ugly Christmas sweater ideas

Naughty Ugly Christmas Sweaters Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Inappropriate, controversial and dirty ugly Christmas Sweaters for 2019

In 2019 naughty ugly Christmas sweater ideas are going to be the biggest sellers. If you don’t see what you like check out more ideas. As more adults throw an adult ugly Christmas sweater party there are more opportunities to get dirty.

You probably already bought a tacky Christmas sweater with bows or balls or vintage designs and you can still wear those to the office and outside.

We have written extensively about dirty ugly Christmas sweaters that are too controversial for the office holiday party.

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Santa’s Got a Package For You

This first naughty ugly Christmas sweater idea is a classic already. Santa wants to show you what he’s packing. He doesn’t just have a gift for you, he has a big one.

Our guess is he knows how you can get back on the Nice List if you earned your way off of it. Leave the boots on.

This is actually a pretty nice sweater. The red and white strips look good and it is blue instead of the traditional red and green. It is 100% acrylic but otherwise is great.

naughty ugly Christmas sweater ideas
Santa’s Package Christmas Sweater

Swipe right – Santa is Coming

It isn’t just cookies that people leave for Santa. Remember he visited your home every year when you were a kid. Well, Santa is rich, famous and works really hard one day a year. So. we can’t fault him from stopping to get some Christmas lovin. Besides, the 100 mile rule applies to the whole world because he lives at the North Pole.

naughty ugly Christmas sweater ideas. Your mom knows if Santa is real inappropriate sweater
Oh, she knows, believe me.
naughty ugly Christmas sweater ideas Santa area codes
He delivers more than just gifts

Santa is Steaming Up the Holidays

Santa knows sexy. He’s got a classic look that never goes out of style and is rockin curves everywhere.

Whether you go with Santa’s whale tail or Santa breaks the internet, you are saying that you think the thicc man can still work it. Both have great colors and are 100% acrylic.

naughty ugly Christmas sweater ideas Santa Elf
It’s About Consent Santa

Don’t worry about the Elf. He’s 600 years old. Santa better watch the power dynamic. Relationship dynamics at work have changed a lot in 2000 years. We could be facing a #CancelSanta backlash.

Santa Whale Tail Women's Christmas Sweater, dirty ugly christmas sweater
Santa Whale Tail Ugly Sweater
Santa Breaks the internet
Santa Breaks the internet

Santa is real and he is coming

That’s what she said. Santa is coming so get ready. This dirty ugly Christmas sweater idea loves that classic play on words.

The sweater is pretty soft for 100% acrylic. This one and several other dirty ones on the list are made by Tipsy Elves which is the king of ugly Christmas sweaters.

This classic reminds you that the big man gets busy. What else is there to do when you only work one night a year?

But, don’t worry. You can still watch The Office on Netflix for another full year.

Santa is Coming. That's What She Said, dirty ugly christmas sweater
That’s What She Said

Lit like a Christmas tree

It isn’t just the tree that’s going to get lit this December. Ugly Sweater Christmas parties are first and foremost parties. So go and let everyone know you came to have a good time.

This naughty ugly Christmas sweater ideas is fun because it makes you a walking Christmas drinking game. The balls do come off and your drunk friends can throw them at you. We normally don’t recommend Christmas sweaters with ornaments on them for parties or bar crawls. The problem is that they get caught on things and fall off. But the balls are held on with Velcro.

It won’t hurt when people throw the balls at you. You can barely feel them through the sweater and they are super light. Don’t complain to us about how many you get in the face.

There are lots of variations on the Let’s Get Lit design. This off shoulder one is a 50/50 cotton mix. Click on either the image or this link to see similar takes on the theme. Show the world that you know how to make this best time of the year.

Target Toss Drinking Game Sweater
Target Toss Drinking Game Sweater
naughty ugly Christmas sweater ideas Let's get lit
More than just trees get lit

Trump Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Impeachment and Donald Trump sweaters are going to be even bigger in 2019. If you are interested in getting political. see our more detailed review of the different types of Top Trump Ugly Christmas sweaters for 2019 .

Red Make Christmas Great Again Trump Sweater
Make Christmas Great Again

Impeachment is probably going to by YUGE! this year. So stock up on your color and size choice early. Click the image or this link to see some more options.

I will not deport Santa Christmas Sweater Donald Trump
I will not deport Santa Christmas Sweater
All  want for Christmas is Impeachment. Trump Impeachment Sweater
All want for Christmas is Impeachment

Jesus Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Baby Bjorn Jesus Sweater
Baby Bjorn Jesus Sweater
Happy B'day Bro Jesus Sweater. Birthday for Jesus
Happy Birthday Bro Jesus Sweater

Don’t forget to the put the Christ in your Christmas sweater. If you are looking to upset your grandma or born again neighbor then our choice is the classic Baby Bjorn baby carrier Jesus.

If any friends that point out that baby’s need to be 5 months old to be in one so you shouldn’t wear it until the end of May then just never talk to them again .

Go Jesus, It’s Your Birthday!

There are basically two broad ways to go. Jesus as a birthday boy or Baby Jesus. We prefer the birthday boy approach. After all, he still deserves a party even if he’s closing in on 2019 years old.

Besides, it would be awesome if his second coming included your party and he could turn your crappy snacks and cheap booze into classier versions of both.

Santa and Jesus together is a great reminder of the togetherness of the season. Christmas is the sacred and the spiritual after all. So you can combine your two great loves. Commercialism and religion.

But, does Jesus really drink eggnog? I think that’s gross. Can’t the Son of God at least get a glass. I think he is drinking out of the carton. Come on Jesus!

Jesus Birthday Boy Ugly Christmas Sweater
Jesus Birthday Boy
Go Jesus...It's Your Birthday Ugly Christmas Sweater
Go Jesus…It’s Your Birthday
Santa and Jesus birthday Bros tacky Christmas Sweater
Santa and Jesus birthday Bros tacky Christmas Sweater

Everybody Pees & Poops

I guess everyone in these homes was really, really naughty. Maybe all those cookies and milk are wreaking havoc on Santa’s jolly tummy. Yes this dirty Christmas sweater may have people thinking about

Santa taking a break on your chimney
Santa taking a break on your chimney
naughty ugly Christmas sweater ideas Santa pooping down a chimney
Santa Can’t Find a Rest Stop

Naughty (mostly gay) Reindeer Games

There are a lot of reindeer sex options out there. Interestingly, they all seemed to be CIS bucks engaging in apparently same sex reindeer games. We couldn’t find any that look liked a buck and doe. For something tamer consider a cute llama sweater or reindeer ugly Christmas sweater.

Reindeer eating Snowman  carrot
Let’s hope this is consensual
Three adult reindeer games
Donner is a top and Blitzen is a switch (of course)

You can say some of those words

Just say it in words. These speak for themselves. Sometimes some good old fashioned foul language is perfect for the adult party. Maybe skip the PTA with this one. Click on the images for more options.

naughty ugly Christmas sweater ideas. Inappropriate f bomb
Why thank you. Back at you
Deck the halls and christmas balls
Deck the halls!

Those are our choices for dirty and naughty ugly Christmas sweater ideas. If we missed any that you really love drop us a note and let us know about them.