6 Best Trump Ugly Christmas Sweaters

6 Best Trump Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas Ugly Trump Christmas Sweaters

Here Leaders of the Pack Ahead of the 2019 Christmas Season

There are a ton to say about Donald Trump. Here are our choices of the Best Trump ugly Christmas sweaters out there now. See our list of 2019’s top Trump Christmas sweaters for even more ideas. We also just published our pick of 6 Impeachment Ugly Christmas Sweaters that are going to be YUGE this year.

Wearing one of these sweaters is an excellent conversation starter and it will definitely make you stand out. So if you plan to attend a lot of ugly Christmas sweater parties this year, check out these great options:

1. Two New ‘Make Christmas Great Again’ Ugly Designs

Our first list of Trump sweaters includes four “Make Christmas Great Again” designs that we recommended. Now we are adding two more. These are instant classics and are even uglier than the other four.

Make Christmas Great Again Green Ugly Raised Hands Sweatshirt
HAASE UNLIMITED Make Christmas Great Again – Crewneck Sweatshirt
Make Christmas Great Again Trump Snowman Sweater
Faux Real Trump Make Christmas Great Again T-Shirt

It’s a classic sweater with a satirical twist on Trump’s famous message. This sweater is of pre-shrunk cotton and it obviously has a superior design. It has vibrant colors and lasting durability allowing you to wear it throughout the holidays.

This awesomely funny shirt is extremely comfortable and thick enough to keep you warm in cold weather. It will surely make you the life of any party!

2. Trump Fake News Sweatshirt

Don’t you just love the expression on Trump’s face? It’s so hilariously on-point which is why this sweatshirt made it on our list of the best Trump ugly Christmas sweaters. This anti-Trump pullover sweatshirt is the perfect choice for your next ugly sweater Christmas party.

This Trump Ugliest Sweater Fake News will get a lot of laughs. At least from those who can handle political jokes! If you want to liven up your office party, go ahead and don this sweatshirt for everyone to see. We dare you! It is cotton and polyester. The combination of materials depends on the color. It is imported and you can machine-wash with cold water along with all your other colored clothes.

Ugliest Christmas Sweater Ever If  You Say it is Something Else then you are fake news trump sweatshirt
Trump Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt Fake News

3. All I Want for Christmas is Impeachment Sweatshirt

If you want an impeachment sweater then check out our full listing of those.

This Christmas season, the impeachment proceedings will be the real big news – not fake news. Show your support by wearing this All I Want for Christmas is Impeachment Sweatshirt.

It comes in a number of colors and sizes to choose from. If not for yourself, it serves as the perfect Christmas gift for all your friends and relatives who want the same thing – to impeach Trump!

This is an imported sweater made of a cotton-polyester blend. You can machine-wash it after each use. We have a whole list of Trump Impeachment Sweaters if you want more

All I want for CHristmas is Impeachment sweater sweatshirt in black
Ugly Christmas Sweater
IBBB Christmas Impeachment

4. Christmas Is Gonna Be YUGE!

We couldn’t pick just one for this category. So go ahead and click on our favorite and tell the world that Christmas is gonna be YUGE!

Costume Agent It's Gonna Be YUGE! It's Gunna Be YUGE! Ugly Christmas Sweater
Costume Agent brand
SpiritForged It's Gonna Be YUGE! Merry Chrsitmas sweater
SpiritForged Apparel

The It’s Gonna Be YUGE! Ugly Sweatshirts from Costume Agent and SpiritForged Apparel even features a very odd-looking caricature of the president. But that makes it even better! It’s ugly, hilarious, and it’s sure to help you win any ugly Christmas sweater competitions out there!

SpiritForged’s offering is made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton. It comes in a variety of sizes and it’s fully machine-washable too.

5. Tipsy Elves Make X-Mas Great Again Sweater

This Tipsy Elves design returns from our previous list of tacky Trump sweaters because it is really holding up. It is simple, classic and says it all while being (relatively) minimalist.

Feel free to point out that because of Trump’s face this is the ultimate ugly Christmas sweater.

One thing that makes this sweater different is that it’s of 100% acrylic material, not a cotton-polyester blend. The design is an original from Tipsy Elves and it’s perfect for any Christmas party. It even features double-panel construction so you can wear it for days on end!

Make X-Mas Great Again Tipsy Elves
Tipsy Elves Men’s Make Christmas Great Again Sweater – Trump Ugly Christmas Sweater

6. Unisex Knit Christmas Ugly Sweater

Trump I Will Not Deport Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater ICE
Deport Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater

Santa is an undocumented foreigner. Where’s his work permit? Does he have a green card? Scramble the jets and call ICE. He is flying over the wall.

This high-quality acrylic knitted sweater allows you to flaunt your festive spirit. It’s comfortable, it doesn’t shrink, and it will always retain its shape. For your convenience, the sweater is machine-washable too.

Our Latest Nominees for The Best Trump Ugly Christmas Sweaters

There you have it! Some of the best Trump ugly Christmas sweaters available on the market now. Want to just upset some people? Check out these naughty Christmas sweater ideas. Don’t forget to check out our first list of Top Trump Ugly Christmas Sweaters for 2019 and our new list of 6 Impeachment Ugly Christmas Sweaters are Going to be YUGE!