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The 6 Funniest Trump Tacky Christmas Sweaters of 2019

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6 of 2019’s Funniest Trump Tacky Christmas Sweaters

Have fun celebrating Christmas 2019 by wearing one of these Trump tacky Christmas sweaters. If you want to ramp it up look at our choice for impeachment ugly Christmas sweaters or other lists of Trump Christmas sweaters. There’s nothing more enjoyable than seeing the reactions of other people when you wear something as funky, funny, and daring as these awesome choices!

1. Donald Trump Ya Filthy Deplorable Ugly Sweater

Donald Trump Ya Filthy Deplorable Ugly Sweatshirt
Ya Bunch of Deplorables!

This Donald Trump Ya Filthy Deplorable Ugly Sweater is one of the funniest sweaters out there. It features President Trump wearing Santa’s outfit while holding a bag bearing his famous message, “Make America Great Again.” To make it even more festive, it comes in the color of the season and there are snowflakes all around.

While it is available in Democrat Blue, the Republican Red sweater makes more of an impact. If you notice, there are also patterns at the top and bottom featuring snowflakes, elephants, and Christmas trees.

This sweater is both comfortable and made of high-quality material. This is a made-to-order sweater that can get shipped in a matter of 1 to 3 days.

2. Donald Trump Funny Sweatshirt

Trump as a Christmas elf explains the small hands. And, look at that ridiculous expression on his face! This Donald Trump Funny Sweatshirt is another winning choice for our list of Trump tacky Christmas sweaters.

This hilarious sweater features a caricature of Trump with a very detailed face and a body drawn in a simple way. The combination of these drawing styles and garish colors makes for an extremely tacky sweater. Wear this and you’re sure to win any ugly Christmas sweater competition out there.

It’s lightweight, soft, and comes printed with eco-friendly ink.

Donald Trump as a Christmas elf ugly Christmas sweater sweatshirt
Mar A Largo is where I make the toys

3. Trump Make Christmas Great Again Sweatshirt

Trump Make Christmas Great Again Sweatshirt
Make Christmas Great Again!

There are so many great “Make Christmas Great Again” sweaters we can’t even review them all. Bask in their awesomeness for yourself.

As funny as Trump’s face is, the placement – in the middle of a wreath – is even more hilarious.

This is a machine-washable sweater, but it’s recommended to wash inside out so you don’t ruin the print. Wear this sweater when you want to combine the season with your own political statement. This is one of the more classic designs of Trump tacky Christmas sweaters but it’s still very popular.

4. TeeStars Snowman Donald Trump Sweatshirt

Snowman Donald Trump Sweatshirt With It's Gonna Be YUGE carrot. Huge carrot!
Just ask Stormy!

To quote the great George Takei…Oh My!

If you’re looking for something racier or something that doesn’t have the actual face of Trump on it, you can go for this awesome sweater.

The Snowman Donald Trump Sweatshirt from TeeStars features the Trump snowman with his signature hairstyle, a Christmas hat, a surprised expression, and a well-placed carrot.

The sweater is of cotton and polyester with digital and silk screen printing for the design. You’ll enjoy wearing this sweater as it’s warm, cozy, and non-itchy. If red isn’t your color, don’t worry because this sweater comes in 5 other colors too.

5. So Much Trump Ugly Sweater

If you lose and ugly Christmas sweater contest wearing this then Putin fixed the vote. This Crewneck 3D Ugly Sweatshirt is so ridiculous that we can’t even stand looking at it!

All over the front and back, this sweater features the faces of Trump wearing different expressions. From angry faces, worried faces, cynical faces, and more. So many Trumps to go around. Such a vomit-inducing sweater with an equally ridiculous message on the front.

This is a sweater made of spandex and polyester. It comes with a pull-on closure and it’s extremely comfortable, thick, and stretchy. If you’re searching for the tackiest sweater possible, this is it!

This Crewneck 3D Ugly Donald Trump Sweatshirt
This is exactly how I pictured hell

6. Trump To All A YUGE Wall Christmas Sweater

Donald Trump Merry Christmas To All and To All A YUGE Wall Christmas Sweater from Libertee
It’s Impossible to Climb. I had experts try.

Looks like Trump got his wall.

This Trump Merry Christmas Sweater from Libertee Shirts is topped off with a funny message that brings all the hilarious elements together. Perfect!

The sweater is cotton and polyester. Once worn, you’ll feel how warm and comfortable it is. It also comes with a waistband and athletic rib cuffs with spandex. The double-needle stitching makes this sweater durable so you can wear it over and over again!

Trump Tacky Christmas sweaters

Merry Trump-mas! Show off your humorous side by wearing one of the best Trump tacky Christmas sweaters. Also check out some of our impeachment clothes and other Donald Trump Christmas sweaters. Whether you plan to don these sweaters during an ugly Christmas sweater party or you just wear it on normal days, you’ll receive a lot of laughs and compliments.

When it comes to sweaters that bear Trump’s face, wearing them ironically is the best way to go. All of these sweaters have the perfect balance of hilarity, sass, and ugliness. After making your choice, wear it proudly!

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