Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The 6 Best Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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These are our picks for the 6 Best Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Nothing says Star Wars like Christmas. At the bottom of the page is the full Star Wars Holiday Special to prove it.

There are a lot of great Star Wars options. So check out these two lists with other great choices here and also on Amazon.

Our top choice for the Best Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweaters is Darth Vader. Because Christmas is about family. And if your real dad turns Sith you can always seek out a small green father figure who dispenses Jedi training and hides out in a swamp while the galaxy falls apart. This Yoda sweater lights up. It is really nice and comes in men’s and women’s options.

Darth Vader Christmas Sweater. Sith Star Wars Sweater. Anakin Skywalker ugly Christmas Sweater
No, I am your father. Father Christmas That Is.
Cute Yoda Christmas Sweater. Yoda Women's Star Wars Sweater.
Always two there are. Yoda Light Up Women’s Sweater (click for men’s option).

The Cute is Strong With These Two

Chewie in a Santa Hat? Too cute! This says you can be adorable and a loyal and great friend but it wouldn’t be smart to make you angry. BB-8 added his own brand of cute to The Saga much later but has found fans far and wide. This BB-8 ugly Christmas sweater is a cardigan and is really nice. BB-8, go test every light. If one goes out the whole strand stops working.

Star Wars Chewbacca Ugly Christmas Sweater. Cute Star Wars Christmas Sweater
He’s a cute party guest until he rips your arms off.
BB-8 Ugly Christmas Sweater, Star Wars droid cardigan, Cute Star Wars Christmas Sweater
Merry Christmas little astromech
BB-8  Christmas Cardigan

It’s an Ugly Chrstmas Armor Party

FOr our next two Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweaters we are looking at the warriors. This Boba Fett cardigan is super cool. It takes a lot to stand out from the crowd when you are a clone but he made himself a legend. Now you can be a legend too.

With this stormtrooper ugly sweater you can’t miss (LOL, I sleigh myself). Holiday puns aside, this one can unite the universe. It can be worn as an ugly Christmas sweater of as a Hanukkah sweater because of the colors. If you want more Hanukkah options then check out this list.

It takes a lot to stand out ewhen you are a clone. This 'son' of Jango Fett made himself a legend across the galaxy and froze him some Han Solo. So whats more christmas than that?
Have a Mandalorian  Christmas
Boba Fett Cardigan
Stormtrooper ugly christmas sweater. Star Wars ugly Hanukkah sweater.
You Can’t Miss With This One (LOL!)
Star Wars Stormtrooper Sweater

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Star Wars Holiday Special

If you haven’t seen the Star Wars Holiday Special we included it below. Even for the most diehard Star Wars fan it defies explanation. It is clearly the result of Sith mind control. Of all the attacks on your childhood this one may be the worst.

Star Wars Holiday Special