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8 Unique Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas for 2019

Naughty Ugly Christmas Sweaters New Ugly Christmas Sweaters for 2019 Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Ideas to Help Stand Out From The Crowd

If you want to stand out at a party where everyone else is also wearing an ugly sweater, you should choose one that’s unique. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you out. These Unique Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas will make you feel comfortable, cool, and one-of-a-kind. Read on to learn more!

Nowadays, ugly sweaters have become all the rage. The trend isn’t focused on “classic” or “stylish” anymore. Instead, people have more fun choosing ugly sweaters that make a statement and make things more interesting. But with all the options out there, how can you choose just one?

1. Christmas Tree Sweater With Ornaments

Let’s start this list off with one of the tackiest sweaters you’ll ever see. It’s green, shiny, and festive all rolled into one. The Women’s Tacky Christmas Sweater with Ornaments will make you stand out at any Christmas occasion.

I wore this one last year to an office party. It is a little hot for prolonged indoor wear. But it looks amazing. This is a comfortable sweater adorned with real garland, Christmas balls, snowflakes, and gold buttons. This also works as a matching couple’s sweater.

Tipsy Elves says it is machine washable, but I can’t imagine you really could. Sure the Acrylic cloth is washable but the garland and Christmas balls would have to fall off. This is available in a broad range of sizes for both men and women.  

Gaudy Christmas Tree with Decorations Unique Ugly Christmas Sweater
Christmas Ornament Sweater

2. Epic Sloth and 30 other designs.

These guys have a lock on the epic sweater print. Click on the picture or link and see over 30 epic Christmas designs.

Sloths? Cats on Pizza? Flights to Space? Santa Pineapple? More Cats? Yest More Cats? Cats?  Have you ever seen a sloth wearing a Christmas hat before? Probably not. This is why this particular sweater made it on our list of unique ugly Christmas sweater ideas.

Aside from the festive sloth on the front, the sweater also features one of the main colors of the season – green – along with a bunch of Christmas icons all around. If sloths aren’t your thing, you can choose other Christmas animals from the options. There are cats, dogs, dinosaurs, you name it!

Epic Sloth RAISEVERN sweatshirt
Sloth Sweater

Click the Image to See 30 Different Epic Designs

3. Blue Star Clothing Women’s Ugly Pullover Knit Sweater Dress

Blue Star Clothing Women's Ugly Pullover Knit Sweater Dress Unique Ugly Christmas Sweater

The Blue Star Clothing Women’s Ugly Pullover Knit Sweater Dress may seem simple at first glance. But when wear it, you’ll instantly transform into one of Santa’s little elves.

If you’re feeling quirky and you want to dress up without actually wearing a costume, you may opt for this knitted sweater.

If you are looking for a Christmas Sweater Dress or holiday cocktail dress check out our detailed article on how to choose one.

4. Ugly Christmas Sweater With Llama

Follow the link and you will see this cool llama is one of 11 different designs.

OK, technically these are alpacas not llamas. But whatever. THe options include alpacas and cats and Santa with a beer. llama (Alpaca! – ED) in shades wearing a Christmas hat and scarf?

Apart from the cheerful llama featured at the center, this AIDEAONE Unisex Ugly Christmas Sweater has all the holiday decorations. There are patterns of Christmas trees, snowflakes, and Christmas lights from top to bottom. It’s an explosion of color to awaken your senses. We actually have a list of 4 llama Christmas sweater ideas if you want some more options.

Blue Star Clothing Women's Cool Llama with glasses Ugly Pullover Knit Sweater Dress
Ugly Christmas Sweater With Llama

5. Snowboarding Santa LED Sweater

Snowboarding Santa LED Sweater Unique Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas Light Up Sweater
QUALFORT LED lighted Christmas Sweater

Click the link or image to see all 5 designs

This sweater literally lights up with working LEDs attached to it. The QUALFORT Ugly Light Up Sweater includes snowboarding Santa as one of the 5 illuminated options.

The LED lights change colors while you wear it. Talk about lighting up the space! There are several other light up Christmas sweaters out there to choose from.

If you want to activate the multiple light modes, all you have to do is use the auto switch. To turn the lights on or off, simply press the power button. You can replace the batteries to keep the lights flickering.

6. Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Coming soon to a theater near you. A humble sweatshirt that dreams of becoming the most talked about Ugly Christmas Sweater at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

Rebel against the oppressive Christmas sweater police. Opt for simplicity that gets right to the point. Go ahead. Be that guy.

If the Grinch chose to wear an ugly sweater to stand out, he’d probably choose this one! Come to think of it, maybe you should just check out these Grinch ugly Christmas sweater ideas.

Sweatshirt that says Ugly Christmas Sweater
A Sweatshirt that thinks it is an Ugly Christmas Sweater

7. Cat Flying on Pizza and Shooting Lasers Eyes

Cat Flying on Pizza and Shooting Lasers Eyes
Laser Cats

Laser cat flying on pizza! Bill Hader and Andy Samberg may have inspired this but even they didn’t think to have cats flying on pizza.

Is this Nitro or Admiral Spaceship Is he fighting Horn Head and the evil Dr. Scientist or just annoying Lorne Michaels? In any case it is epic and either you get it or you do not.

Awesome X Awesome

Everyone knows cats, lasers and pizza are all awesome separately. So put them together and this is truly epic.

What does this have to do with Christmas? I am glad you asked. Look a squirrel!

8. TRex Shooting Lighting Surrounded By Flames

TRex Shooting Lighting Surrounded By Flames Unique Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

OK, so you just found out your “friend” is sporting laser cats flying pizza at the party. Is there no hope of showing him up?

BOOM! TRex shooting lightning from his mouth as a Christmas Tree burns int he desert. This

Is it T-Rex, TREX or T. Rex? Call him by his proper title Tyrant King of Thunder.

Unique Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

With so many epic, cool and ugly options out there, the hard part is making a choice. Check out these naughty Christmas sweater ideas. Now that you have our choices of the best unique ugly Christmas sweater ideas available, you can start thinking about what to wear at your next office party.