Womens Hanukkah Sweaters

7 Funny Women’s Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters

Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters

Festival of Lighthearted (ugh sorry)

Whether you only celebrate Hanukkah, or you celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah, these women’s ugly Hanukkah sweaters will surely appeal to your fun side. You can also coordinate with a great Hanukkah sweater for the man in your life. No need to turn down your next ugly Christmas sweater invitation. Instead choose on from this list or our 6 Best Hanukkah Sweaters on Amazon or our 7 Overall Best Hanukkah Sweaters for 2019.

1. Ugly Christmas Sweater Company Light-up Light My Menorah

Festival of Lights. It has real working lights. Get it? This first sweater on our list that’s festive, fun, and (dare we say) flirty! This Light-up Light My Menorah Sweater is a great first entry.

So, if the color wasn’t enough, this sweater literally lights up as it comes with 4 LED lights with motion sensors directly built into the fabric.

Finally, this is an imported sweater made of cotton and acrylic. It’s machine-washable and the lights don’t need batteries to work.

Light My Menorah
LED Hanukkah Sweater

2. Star Wars Hanukkah Lightsaber Sweater

Festival of Lightsabers
Women's Star Wars Hanukkah Sweatshirt women’s ugly Hanukkah sweater
Festival of Lightsabers
Women’s Star Wars Hanukkah Sweatshirt

This year there are tons of great Star Wars sweaters. You can’t kill a Sith with a candle. So, why choose when you can combine some of your favorite things. Star Wars, Hanukkah and geeky, tacky fun. Check out this Festival of Lightsabers sweatshirt!

This sweatshirt also features a dreidel, a huge menorah with lightsabers instead of candles, and stars of David all around.

Also, this is a cotton and polyester mix so it is is warm and cozy. The waistband, neck, and cuffs made of cotton and spandex. So, go over to the dark side and celebrate the geek in you!

3. Tipsy Elves Gelt Digger Sweater

This bright blue Gelt Digger Sweater from Tipsy Elves is another winner in the women’s ugly Hanukkah sweater department.

As with other sweaters from Tipsy Elves, this one is perfect for any ugly Christmas sweater party. You can also use it to warm you up during the winter season. The sweater features reinforced seams and double-panel construction to last throughout the season.

Hanukkah Gelt Digger women’s ugly Hanukkah sweater
Hanukkah Gelt Digger Sweater

4. My Latkes Bring All the Boys to The Yard Funny Sweatshirt

Hanukkah Gelt Digger Sweater Women’s Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters
My Latkes Bring All The Boys To The Yard Funny Sweatshirt

This Funny Sweatshirt comes in the classic color black and features bright blue and white design elements. Apparently, instead of milkshakes, your latkes are what brings all the boys to the yard.

Whether you love singing, you love the play on words, or you just love clever Hanukkah sweaters, this is an excellent option for you. This cotton-polyester sweater has a waistband and collar cuffs ribbed with spandex. It’s really comfortable too!

5. My Menorah Isn’t The Only Thing Getting Lit Ugly Sweatshirt

Blue tshirt My Menorah Isn't The Only Thing Getting Lit Women’s Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters
Blue T-shirt. My Menorah Isn’t The Only Thing Getting Lit

Let them know you are getting lit like a Menorah this year. This comes as a t-shirt or sweatshirt and in 3 delicate colors. All share the pixelated wording and design elements.

Pink sweatshrit My Menorah Isn't The Only Thing Getting Lit Women’s Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters
Pink Sweatshirt Version

It’s definitely a good choice for Hanukkah as it also features iconic elements like a menorah and a pair of dreidels. That is, apart from the message, of course. In you think these are funny, check out these inappropriate sweaters.

The oversized-fit sweater is of a cotton and polyester blend. When washing, turn it inside-out first for best results. It has a smooth feel and the prints are of water-based, eco-friendly ink.

6. Hanukkah Drinking Sweater

Let's Get Shamashed Hanukkah Drinking Sweatshirt Women’s Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters
Let’s Get Shamashed Hanukkah Drinking Sweatshirt

The Hanukkah Drinking Sweater uses a play on the word “shamash” that literally means “attendant” or “caretaker” in Hebrew. This term refers to the middle candle on a menorah, the only one lit by an external source. Instead of the religious meaning, this one calls others to get crazy on Hanukkah!

This is a durable sweater made of cotton and polyester. This women’s ugly Hanukkah sweater is very comfortable and provides a relaxed fit. It also features a ribbed waistband and cuffs with spandex.

7. Challah at Ya Boy Matching Sweaters

Challah at Ya Girl Women’s Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters
Good for couples
Challah at Ya Boy  Women’s Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters
Mix and match

Take your pick or buy both and dress as a couple. The Challah At Ya Matching Sweater pays homage to Challah, the greatest bread in the world that we all love. If eating Challah is one of the things you look forward to during Hanukkah, this is the best sweater for you.

They are cotton-polyester blends. However, the mix depends on the color. It’s an imported sweater that you can machine-wash with other colored clothes.

Women’s ugly Hanukkah sweater

These are not our only choices for Women’s ugly Hanukkah sweaters. You can read our lists of the best overall 2019 Hanukkah sweaters and also get ideas for the man in your life. We also put together our list of Amazon’s top 2019 Hanukkah sweaters too. Any of these will make you stand out in any crowd!