5 Funny Hanukkah Sweaters for Men

5 Funny Hanukkah Sweaters for Men

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In 2019 ugly Hanukkah sweaters for men are taking off. So, go ahead and take up the next invitation to an ugly Christmas sweater event. Also, check out our lists of Hanukkah sweaters for women, kids and couples and the best Hanukkah sweater deals on Amazon. Join the fun by donning these sweaters that’ll make you stand out from the rest.

1. Tipsy Elves Challah Funny Hanukkah Sweater

Tipsy Elves Challah Funny Hanukkah Sweater
Teach your dad a new dad joke.

Seriously, who doesn’t love challah! Show your love for the best bread ever while getting lots of compliments with the Challah Funny Hanukkah Sweater by Tipsy Elves. The excited rabbi on this cool apparel just shows how to celebrate.

The extremely soft bright blue sweater will give your friends giggles as you enjoy your Hanukkah meal. They won’t be able to contain themselves over dinner when taking challah. Their compliments will make you as excited as the rabbi on the sweater.

This is one of the best ugly Hanukkah sweaters for men. It boasts of a high-quality double-panel construction with reinforced seams that’ll ensure you wear it for many Hanukkah parties to come. It’s also very durable and machine-washable sweater.

2. Happy Hanukkah Ya Filthy Schmuck

Happy Hanukkah Ya Filthy Schmuck. With this sweater’s message, you won’t have to say a single word to your friends.

This ugly Hanukkah sweater also features fun and festive patterns that make it more appropriate for the season.

This unisex Hanukkah sweater is made of polyester. The high-quality sweater boasts of pill-resistant air jet yarn double-needle stitching. Its design comes in bright, vibrant colors to compensate for the black color of the sweater.

Happy Hanukkah Ugly Sweater Ya Filthy Schmuck
Happy Hanukkah Ya Filthy Schmuck

3. Jewnicorn Hanukkah Sweater

Jewnicorn Hanukkah Sweater by Tipsy Elves
Hey Tipsy Elves! Kind of got short changed on the rainbow

Embrace your magical side with with this Jewnicorn Hanukkah Sweater for men. Featuring colorful rainbows and the star of David, this sweater helps to easily spread the festive vibe. This cool design from Tipsy Elves features a Jewish Unicorn (Jewnicorn).

The bright blue sweater will ensure you get lots of compliments and draw laughter as you celebrate Hanukkah. This funny sweater will put a smile on anyone’s face as they read what’s written on it. You can’t go wrong with it.

This Jewnicorn sweater is soft and won’t shrink an inch when you wash it. It’s made with high-quality double-panel construction with reinforced seams that ensure you can wear it over and over again. It’s a machine-washable sweater that’s built to last.

4. Chanukah is Funakah Sweater

Are you looking to make a statement at this year’s parties? Look no further than Chanukah is Funakah Ugly Sweater by Festified. Heads will start turning as soon as you enter the room with this bright blue sweater that sets you apart from those wearing Christmas red sweaters.

The styling of this ugly Hanukkah blue sweater certainly resembles the red Christmas ones in its styling. However, it differs because it features a large menorah in the center. The Stars of David and Hebrew text help to complete the design.

The crewneck sweater is made with ultra-soft acrylic and woolen yarn. The high-quality sweater has been built for durability, ensuring it will last longer than the festive season. You will be a star at any ugly Christmas party with it.

Chanukah is Funakah sweater by Festified
Chanukah is Funakah

5. Blizzard Bay Men’s Ugly Hanukkah Sweater

Well, there’ll be no prob-llama at your ugly Christmas sweater party with the Men’s Ugly Hanukkah Sweater from Blizzard Bay.  As the sweater’s caption aptly puts it, it will be a “Happy llamakah” at your Hanukkah party. There’ll be smiles across the room as everyone looks at your ugly sweater.

While llamas don’t have anything to do with Hanukkah or Christmas, they’re still very adorable. You’ll get all the laughs at your upcoming Hanukkah parties. Therefore, don’t wear it for 8 days straight.

It’s made with a soft knit for a comfortable and easy fit. The festive and humorous patterns will help bring the holiday cheer. The sweater is also machine-washable, ensuring durability.

Five Hanukkah sweaters for men

If you want to let everyone know that you’re celebrating the season in style, get yourself one of these ugly Hanukkah sweaters for men. We have lots of other Hanukkah options so see our other lists for more. These ugly and funny sweaters will help you spread the holiday spirit to your ugly sweater party. You can now choose having seen all the available options.